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About 911 Restoration Birmingham

Meet The Owner:

Elton Riley, owner of 911 Restoration Birmingham, has been a carpet cleaning and restoration professional for more than 30 years.

911 Restoration Elton Riley Owner BirminghamAdditionally, with three decades of quality service to the Birmingham area, Elton’s reputation for being an honest and fair expert in the field precedes him to every job.

“I want to leave a legacy of honesty and quality for my customers that my sons and nephew can one day carry forward,” Elton says of his work and services.

And with 30 years of solving problems that other companies shied away from, Elton has already established himself as the go-to source for restoration work in the area.

Additionally, his quality customer service always leaves his clients better off than when he found them, and that’s just how he does business.

If your home or business is inundated with water damage from a flood, pipe burst, washer failure, or any other means, then contact the experts with 911 Restoration Birmingham today!

Elton’s Restoration Prevention Advice

Being connected to apartment management companies for the past thirty years and dealing with all of the calls that come in day and night for their tenants who have water damage problems, Elton is prepared for everything.

911 Restoration Pain Spots BirminghamMany times he will receive calls just about how to prevent water damage from happening in the first place, or again for the unlucky callers.

In these instances Elton always gives personalized advice, “because it’s my nature to help everyone out of trouble,” as he says.

If you’re wondering what ways there are to prevent water damage before it starts, here are a few great tips from Elton on how to do so.

“Don’t act a fool,” Elton says, “by put anything down your toilet that shouldn’t be there, including baby wipes because they aren’t actually flushable.”

Beyond his plumbing and toilet use advice, Elton suggests making sure to direct the out-pour from gutters and downspouts away from the building so that they don’t flood the basement and foundation.

Moreover homeowner’s should always clean, or have their gutters cleaned at least once a year to prevent clogs from forming which can allow overflowing water to spread the layers of the roofing materials apart.

“Once the roof is open to the elements, it’s easy for water to get in during a thaw and create a whole mess of your insulation and drywall.” Elton relates.

Simple Mistake Causes Complex Water Damage Problems

Elton and his sons who work with him have solved so many water damage issues and mold contaminants over the years that they have too many stories to tell, but one of their most recent jobs involved a little piece of trash that destroyed and entire apartment complex.

911 Restoration Water Damage Birmingham“The water company had a guy come out and put a new regulator fitting on,” Elton says, “and their guy accidentally sealed a piece of trash up into the system which created a blockage that eventually burst the lines to more than 30 water heaters throughout the apartment complex.”

This little piece of trash forced water damage into hundreds of unfinished apartments and completely ruined them.

Luckily Elton and his sons were there to save the day. They performed massive water extractions and in the end dried out the entire apartment complex.

If your home, apartment, or even business is being taken over by water damage and you need the best there is to come and handle it for you, then give Elton and his sons with 911 Restoration Birmingham a call today for relief!

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