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Storm Damage Birmingham

When storm damage happens, people rely on the skills and know-how of 911 Restoration Birmingham owner Elton Riley and his storm damage team to take care of them and their homes properly.

Water Damage Restoration Technicians Removing Debris To Street DumpsterStorm damage can occur in a variety of ways when there is severe weather afoot, though no matter how it springs up, Elton and his storm damage Birmingham team have the ability to stop it in its tracks.

One of the many ways that Elton and his storm damage Birmingham team mitigate the effects of storm damage is by arriving within 45 minutes of a call for help.

“We know that when the rain starts, the phone begins ringing, and we go into overdrive to help take care of the people and homes of Birmingham and their storm damage issues,” Elton says.

In addition to their ability to arrive quickly to a site with storm damage, Elton and his team are also available 24/7/365 to eliminate the effects that heavy rain and high wind can bring.

“Storm damage doesn’t have a 9-5 job, and thus it can spring up at any time,” Elton explains. “This is why we are ready and prepared even in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend to help homes in trouble.”

Don’t let your lovely home succumb to the effects of storm damage this season. Contact Elton and the storm damage Birmingham crew with 911 Restoration Birmingham and let the experts secure your home today!

Elton’s Storm Damage Prevention Tips and Tricks

Elton and his storm damage Birmingham specialists know all there is to about what needs to be done to eliminate water damage after it has already taken place after a storm, but they are also experts when it comes to helping people to prevent the effects of storm damage too.

“We get calls every day when the rain picks up from people who just want to know what they can do to keep their property safe from the effects of severe rain, heavy wind, and everything else that comes with a high pressure front,” Elton explains. “This is why we spent the time to create a list of all the various maintenance tricks that people can do on their own to prevent damage when the rain does come.”

  • Water Damage Restoration In Progress For DenMake sure that your gutters and downspouts are cleaned completely of any clogs or debris which may cause a clog. Clogs can become serious flow obstructions that then cause overflows to seep into the roofing layers and bring storm damage inside the home.
  • Missing, damaged, or displaced roofing shingles are a huge source of storm damage when heavy rain comes. Check to make sure that your roof is in perfect order to avoid water damage.
  • Check your sump pumps before the storm damage season to make sure that they are working properly. This will help to avoid any flooding issues from heavy rain.
  • Tape up any cracks in windows and in the frames that hold them if there is any draft coming through. If you feel air, you will also feel water and then storm damage from not securing these sources of infiltration.

“This is a great list,” Elton says. “But there are plenty of other ways that people can avoid storm damage that aren’t listed here, and if anyone has questions, they should feel completely free to give us a call and find out more.”

If your home is already going through a storm damage situation, then you need to contact Elton and his team of professionals with 911 Restoration Birmingham today!

Completely Mobilized Storm Damage Team

Elton and his storm damage Birmingham crew know that when the rain does start to pour, it can severely affect homes and businesses in the area with little warning.

Water Damage Restoration Van AT Exterior Of Job Location“This is why my storm damage Birmingham team and I are always completely mobilized with the latest extraction and drying technology to eliminate storm damage wherever it springs up,” Elton says.

Being mobilized with all of the right tools is a huge factor when it comes to mitigating the losses that storm damage can cause, but to bolster this verity, Elton and his team are also IICRC certified to handle any type of incident that a storm may bring about.

“There is no form of storm damage that my team of experts and I can’t handle,” Elton explains. “From ceiling leaks to soaked drywall, and all of the flooding in between, we take it all on with ease and total professionalism for our clients.”

If your home or business is already dealing with the effects of storm damage and you would like assistance to eliminate it from the best in the business, then contact Elton and his team of experts with 911 Restoration Birmingham today!

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